Sunday, January 16, 2011

CharcutePalooza: Duck Prosciutto, Part Deux

Duck Prosciutto
Duck Prosciutto

  Operation: Duck Prosciutto was a huge success! The meat chunks took only 4 days to cure in my coat closet, much quicker than expected. When unwrapped, everything looked good. No black skin, no mold, no fuzzies (other than what the cheesecloth left behind). The inside is a pretty prosciutto pink, lovely glisening fat. The flavor of pepper and garlic come through nicely. The salt is a bit much, but I think that is due mostly to the thickness of the cut, considering I don't have a proper meat slicer, or even a proper sharp knife for that matter (lazy).
   I am still both shocked and awed that my first home curing experiment went so incredibly well, and that it was so easy. The challenge for February: Pancetta & Bacon! I cannot wait to put a slab of pork belly on our smoker! More details to come.
   For now, the prosciutto will be enjoyed with a healthy amount of red wine and possibly a bite of cheese. I am going to freeze the rest for a nice flat bread pizza, or maybe a pasta dish starring peas and asparagus when Springtime rolls around. Just no Chianti and fava beans please.