Thursday, July 25, 2013

finding Home.

Summertime at the farm.

  Where, oh where, does the time go? It feels like the frantic buzz of Christmas season was five minutes ago. I turn my head and now we're closing in on Autumn. This morning I walked out into chilly air. Chilly! It makes me want to crawl inside a dark hole. But alas, there is no time to hibernate. A lot has been going on in the long absence of my blogging.
  For one, I am no longer a Georgia resident but now a Tennessean (er, well maybe not officially yet, shhh). While living on the farm is still a little ways off, we couldn't wait any longer. The mountains have been calling. So, we settled for the next best thing. Which is, of course, an apartment on the Tennessee River. So yeah, I am also now a river rat.

home sweet home
Not too shabby for apartment living, huh?

  And with this new dwelling comes a new trade. I once again have strayed from the cheese counter and am back in the dairy. You may recall some time ago I wrote about the fine cheese at Sequatchie Cove Creamery, well now I have the pleasure of making it. A lazy commute through the country to greet cows and vats of warm milk early each morning is a far (and welcomed) cry from the chaos of an urban jungle.

best sign ever

  I feel as though another huge step has been made toward becoming a full time farmer. Now that I'm here I can't fathom how it took me this long. I'm not sure what draws me to Tennessee, but I know it's the only place I ever want to be.