Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back in the Saddle Again

Music City

  So, where do I begin? Let me first say, I did not die. My fingers and hands are still attached and working properly. Secondly, please forgive me fair people for my long blogging absence! What a year! 2011 was a gem, and a busy one. I will share with you a few things that went on in the last several months.
  In case you didn't notice, the holidays happened. I'm sure you all experience your own special holiday hell stress misery magic, but I will state anyway that being a cheese monger around that wonderful time of the year is...challenging.

  I did a lot of traveling in the fine state of Tennessee last year (and this one too for that matter). As a few of you may already know, that is where I hope to put roots down one day for the real Whiskey Chicken Farm. Until then, there is much driving to do. While up that way, I had the great opportunity to attend the first ever Southern Artisan Cheese Festival in Nashville, TN. In case I didn't previously mention, October is now officially National Cheese Month, so start making your plans now.

The Southern Artisan Cheese Festival
The Festival at the Nashville Farmers Market

Pine Street Market Prosciutto (from Atlanta!)

These look fun
tee hee

  If you couldn't tell by those photos, it was a very fun night indeed, and packed! So awesome to see so many cheese makers, brewers, and producers out and totally surrounded by their biggest fans. I assure you I will be making this pilgrimage yearly.
  Oh, and did I mention that I got hitched while I was up there?

Done got hitched
You better believe that's Elvis back there. In a vintage recording studio no less.

  Side Notes and Plugs: If you have the chance to stumble into Nashville, do yourself a favor and visit, no, methodically hunt down The Grilled Cheeserie food truck. I don't think I need to explain this. They can usually be found at my other favorite Nashville spot, Yazoo Brewing Co. And if you get the hankering for a quickie elopement, go to the Rhinestone Wedding Chapel!

The Ultimate in Honeymoon Hangover fare

  So now do you believe me when I say I was a little busy? Just for the record, my #1 New Years Resolution for the year (Happy New Year by the way!) is to blog more. I promise. No excuses.
  There a lot of exciting things to come in 2012. Stay tuned for new additions coming to the farmette later this week. But for now I will leave you with a heaping pile of cute.

All grown up
They got big, huh?

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